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Michael P. Dinius, Special Deputy Liquidator

Noble Administrators Inc.

8365 Keystone Crossing, Suite 200

Indianapolis, IN 46240

Office 317-471-8800

Email. [email protected]

09/12/12 Final Order of Liquidation and Declaration of Insolvency

03/28/11 Contract Owner notice of Standard Life Insurance Company
                of Indiana Reorganization

03/04/11 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

02/25/11 Final Order on Petition for Approval of Agreement and Plan
               of Reorganization of Standard Life Insurance Company of Indiana

12/22/10 Indiana Department of Insurance Press Release

04/01/10 Order on Motion to Extend Moratorium

03/31/10 Policyholder Update

03/31/10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

03/31/10 10% Penalty Free Withdrawal Form

03/31/10 Notice Regarding Hardship Request

02/02/10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

12/15/09 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

12/08/09 Agent Update

11/06/09 Policyholder Update

08/11/09 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

12/22/08 AM Best Update

12/18/08 Press Release - Rehabilitator Appointed

12/18/08 Court Orders Rehabilitation

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